Registered as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization,
with the Registrar General Department in August 2001, registration number G.8, 613
and recognized by the Department of Social Welfare in December 2004 with number, D.S.W/2320.

Pathfinder’s Outreach Ministry (POM) has worked in more than 100 communities in Western, Central,
as well as in the Greater Accra Regions.

Our programs and projects focus on: girls' and women's education; reducing human trafficking and child labor;
Malaria; TB/HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support; micro-credit and enterprise; sustainable agriculture;
and strengthening community base water and sanitation, through education and enhancement.

In promoting local ownership, POM directly involves communities
in programs design and implementation to benefit them,
which is key to sustainable development and effective self-governance.
POM is rooted in literacy and basic education (especially the girl child),
catalyzes social change at the community level through programs
that link education to environmental health,
other health issues, economic, social, and civic development.

Our programs equip individuals and local partner organizations
(such women groups, churches, keep fit groups etc.)
with technical needs to develop, manage, and evaluate community-driven programs.
We also help these groups strengthen, networks with key community leaders, government,
and policy officials whose support is critical to long-term success
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